QA Queensland Relay Championships 2018

Location: State Athletics Facility, Nathan

Date: 24 Nov 2018

The annual Queensland Relay Championships will be held at the SAF on 24 November 2018.

A draft timetable of events is available at the QA website. Masters events are listed below:

Track events:

Time Event Age Group Gender
9:00am 3 x 1000m Masters Male
9:20am 3 x 1000m Masters Female
11:50am 4 x 100m Masters Male
12:00pm 4 x 100m Masters Female
2:10pm 4 x 400m Masters Male
2:17pm 4 x 400m Masters Female

Field events:

Time Event Age Group Gender
9:00am 3 x Long Jump Masters Female
9:00am 3 x Shot Put Masters Male
11:00am 3 x Discus Masters Female
1:00pm 3 x Discus Masters Male
3:00pm 3 x Shot Put Masters Female
TBA 3 x High Jump Masters TBA

Want to participate?

QMA will be co-ordinating entries. If you would like to participate, you can:

  • approach either Julie Brims (member #205) or Justin Willis (member #273) at a Brisbane club meet - ask for us at the sign-in desk, or
  • contact us via email and register your interest

The cost per person is $8. This is a one-off fee and you can participate in as many events as you like!

To enter, we will need the following details:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Bib number
  • Events you wish to compete in
  • Contact details