QMA Track & Field Championships (Saturday and Sunday)

Location: State Athletics Facility, Nathan

Date: 13 Apr 2019

These are the events that will be held each day.
Detailed programs will be posted closer to the date.
On-line entries wil be open at the beginning of March. 


5000 Metres  Track Walk         Men & Women
3000m Steeplechase        M30-59
2000m Steeplechase        Men 60+ & All Women
110m Hurdles                  M30-49
100m Hurdles                  M50-69
100m Hurdles                  W30-39
80m Hurdles                    M70-80+
80m Hurdles                    W40-60+
1500 Metres                    Men & Women
100 Metres                      Men & Women
400 Metres                      Men & Women
Discus Throw                  Women
Javelin Throw                  Women
Shot Put                          Men
Hammer Throw               Men
Weight Throw                 Women
Long Jump                      Men
Triple Jump                      Women
Pole Vault                       Men & Women


SUNDAY,  14 APRIL 2019   SAF

5000 metres  Run            Men & Women
400m Hurdles                  M30-59
400m Hurdles                  W30-49
300m Hurdles                  M60-79
300m Hurdles                  W50-69
200m Hurdles                  Men 80+
200m Hurdles                  Women 70+
60 Metres                        Men & Women
100 Metres                      Men - Champions Event
100 Metres                      Women - Champions Event
200 Metres                      Men & Women
800 Metres                      Men & Women
Discus Throw                  Men
Javelin Throw                  Men
Shot Put                          Women
Hammer Throw               Women
Weight Throw                 Men
Long Jump                      Women
Triple Jump                      Men
High Jump                       Men & Women