How to Join

2019 Half-Year Membership Now Open

The QMA membership year runs from 1st October to 30th September each year.

For NEW members wishing to join after 1st April, a half-year membership is available from 1st April each year, valid till 30 September.

As a financial member, you are eligible to compete at all QMA competitions, QMA Championships and Australian Championships, also Oceania Region Championships.

You are also eligible to compete at QA Cross Country events during the season.

If you are 35 and over, you are also eligible to compete at World Masters Championships. 


Half-Year Membership Fees for 2019:

General half-year membership fee                               $40
Concession half-year membership fee                         $30 (with a Government concession card)
Half-year for Members of other QA clubs                     
         and Parents of Little As members                       $30


Payment Options:


ON-LINE:  This is the preferred option for renewing members and new members.


  1.  CLICK HERE to go to the QA On-line registration page. 

  2. Click on the REGISTRATION tab. Select 'Queensland Masters Athletics' from the list of clubs. 

  3. Select your correct subscription category

  4. Click 'next' at the bottom of the page

  5. Enter your email address and tab down.  
    ( If you have changed your email address in the past year, you will need to contact the Registrar

    For Renewing Members

  6. A box will pop up asking for your password - click on the 'forgotten password' link.

  7. Follow the prompts. You will soon receive an email with a link to 'Password creation'

  8. Create a password that you will remember!

  9. Follow the prompts to complete and pay for your membership renewal. 

    For New Members. follow steps 1 - 5 above, then

  10. Enter a password that you will remember. Confirm your password.

  11. Continue to enter your details and complete and pay for your membership.

PLEASE NOTE: the system will not allow duplicate email addresses; each member must have a unique email address.
If a member does not have a unique email address there are two options;
1. Update record with a unique dummy email address (e.g.
2. Create a link between another existing member to utilise the same email address.
Important to note this will allow the primary member access to any linked member accounts.  


BY MAIL: CLICK HERE to download the membership form  or collect one from the Registrar at the track. Complete and return by mail to the Registrar with cheque or credit card payment.


IN PERSON: Bring the completed form to your competition venue on competition days with payment.


Queensland Athletics Registration 2018-19


The General and Concession Membership fees include Base Level registration with Queensland Athletics. This provides you with Personal Accident Insurance cover.  For brief details of the Personal Accident Insurance click here.


Officials and Volunteers are covered by this Personal Accident Insurance.


Registration with QA has other benefits for QMA members. These include eligibility to compete in QA events, All Comers meets and Cross Country events during the winter season. (Check the QA website for details).


Courses run by QA, for example, the Level C Officials Course, may be free or discounted for registered QA members.

For QMA members who have an email address, you will also receive the QA newsletter.


QMA Newsletters

The Athletic Challenge, our long running newsletter, is not being published at present due to resignation of the editor. 
We will endeavour to post details of competition programs, etc to members who do not have an email address.


For members with an email address, we also send a more frequent e-news to provide timely information on competition, courses and other events. 



Register Online - CLICK HERE 

North Queensland Residents - CLICK HERE

Download Registration Form - CLICK HERE